Guitar Scales #gtr01

Guitar Online. 12 week course


COURSE: Guitar Scales

Learning scales is the essential task for a guitarist. Professional guitarists use scales to add more color, feeling and depth to their playing. When you listen to solos of Robert Fripp, or John Scofield, or Steve Vai, or Frank Zapa – you can hear that a guitarist has a deep knowledge of scales. Guitar Scales course will help you organize guitar neck and with navigation for your fingers for fast and easy finding the right note for your expression. This course is suitable for any genre of music – either its blues, or jazz, or rock, or fusion.

Course includes 12 lessons:

  1. Major Scale
  2. Dorian Scale
  3. Phrygian Scale
  4. Lydian Scale
  5. Mixolydian Scale
  6. Aeolian or Natural Minor Scale
  7. Locrian Scale
  8. Harmonic Minor and Real Melodic Minor Scales
  9. Altered Scales
  10. Dominant Diminished and Augmented Scales
  11. Major, Minor Pentatonic Scales
  12. Chromatic Scales