Guitar Improvisation #gtr04

Guitar Online. 12 weeks course


COURSE: Guitar Improvisation

Many guitarists learn how to play a solo by copying solos of their favorite guitarists, adding their own emotion. As a result the guitarist knows how to improvise in a certain genre but lacks the technical understanding of the notes as why they work in these solos. This course is designed to learn how to improvise in ANY genre of music using your own technique for the expression of your own genre. The course shows how to harmonize solos on the chords, how to look for the specific phrases for the self expression as a guitarist.

Course includes 12 lessons:

  1. Chord Tones and 7th note
  2. Tension Phrasing
  3. Solo improvisation using Chord intervals
  4. Arpeggios
  5. Pentatonic usage on Chords
  6. Substitution Dominant Soloing
  7. Diminished and augmented Phrasing
  8. Improvisation Using Scales
  9. Rock and Blues Improvisation Solo
  10. Modes Soloing
  11. Usage of Approach Notes
  12. Giant Steps Improvisation