Guitar Chords #gtr02

Guitar Video Courses. 12 weeks course


COURSE: Guitar Chords

Many beginner guitarists know a couple of chords, most all of them are with open position, but very few know why certain notes sound good or don’t. Guitar Chords course shows the architecture of chords, where a guitarists focuses less on form and more on the notes in the chord which you can add anywhere on the neck. Also students will learn all inversions of the chords, methods of voiceleading them and the use in many genres of music.

Course includes 12 lessons:

  1. Major Triad from a root on E string
  2. Major Triad from a root on A string
  3. Inversions
  4. Minor Chords & Chord Tensions
  5. Altered Chord Tensions
  6. Other Altered Chords
  7. Rock Chords
  8. Jazz Chords
  9. Inverted Jazz Chords
  10. Polychords
  11. Open Tunings Chords
  12. Folk Tunings Chords in Bluegrass