BASS 101 #bss01

Bass Guitar Online 12 weeks course


Cource: Bass 101

Not only the Bass keeps the band together, but Bass is also the main component of the overall sound and the genre of music. During the course Bass 101 you will learn how to develop your own bass lines in different genres. You will be focusing on rhythm, sound, color, taste in your sound as well as how to use theory in your playing.

You will learn such topics as Pentatonics, Blues, different scales, ostinato bass lines, groove, various Latin grooves, tritons and other unique bass technique.

Course includes 12 lessons:

  1. Bass Technique and Sound 1
  2. Bass Technique and Sound 2
  3. Walking Bass
  4. Bebop Vocabulary
  5. Useful Scales
  6. Bass Chords
  7. Groove
  8. Bass Latin Rhythm
  9. Bass Latin Grooves
  10. Improvisation
  11. Advance Improvisation
  12. Musician’s Tips