About American Music Academy

AMA (American Music Academy) was established in November of 2014 by American musician Vlad DeBriansky.

By the initiative of Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), as an ambassador of the college Vlad took a mission upon himself to bring the unique methodology to a wider audience. The first location was opened in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014, and shortly after in Lviv, Ukraine.

And today AMA offers Berklee legendary methods at the fraction of the cost over ONLINE COURSES and PRIVATE LESSONS.

Academy specializes in contemporary music and music business, in the genres such as jazz, blues, electric guitar, rock music, music for films, popular songs, music production and more than a dosen of other styles of music.

АМА already had its graduates who went onto professional stage in the roles of perfromers, producers and composers both in Europe and in the USA.

AMA students come from various countries: USA, Argentina, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, China, Belarus and others.

AMA launched its ONLINE COURSES designed for a wider audience internationally giving the same tools from a practical and theoretical point of view as you were attending college in day study.

АМА is a quality contemporary music education for today and tomorrow.