LAUD (Vlad Karaschuk)Voice, guitar

At AMA I got the depth of music secrets in details. The best tutors team and best methods. world class music education! Absolutely different approach to music theory which gives an upperhand in getting the knowledge and skills I needed.

Igor SidakComposer

For me AMA is the largest set of doors into the world of music. I never understood why, by what method or rule a composer takes this or another chord and makes it work, I never understood that before. If I listend to a soundtrack to a film, it sound logical but it goes along a strange road, always changes but always sounds good. AMA taught me all this, and apparanttly all of is very easy and understandable.


Every lessons I recieve a new portion of useful information, which is easy to digest. I studied at AMA for 2 years and I can tell that I think as a composer now, as a true musician I always wanted to be. Now I'm able to create my own songs and be a better guitarist.

Anna KovinaVoice

I've learned so much from AMA! Absolutely different approach to music education as I used to know. Simple, practical and useful. Loved it!

Vasylyssa FurmanovaVoice

I like it here. They have a different way to teach, other than in other music schools. There is always a good music in a class, lessons are never dull or boring, all is clear and simple. I met some interesting people and made some nice friends.

Victor SemchukDrums

World class tutors team with Grammy awards and nominations! They give practical and useful advises at each step of a lesson. Best methods and teaching techniques. Excellent!